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Foto Pilgrim

Capture the world as you see it!

“Foto Pilgrim” is the brainchild of Karthik Enumulla. Karthik is best described as a wanderlust, wildlife enthusiast and photographer, based in Hyderabad. He started this endeavor with the intent to help aspiring photographers and wildlife enthusiasts understand the fundamental aspects of photography via online sessions/workshops, given his rich experience in photography. This learning is enriched with tours or walks that are conducted as a part of the entire experience for enthusiasts.

Foto Pilgrim also teaches the nuances of post processing, the most important and key element after an image has been created and captured. It involves the delicate art of enhancing the subject aesthetically, by sharpening it, editing the image, bringing out the colours, removing digital noise before converting it into a viewable and printable file. Foto Pilgrim also brings on board experts who have highly advanced knowledge of Photoshop, and who aid their audience in post processing techniques using a creative workflow, thereby making the image stand out.

For an engaging experience, Foto Pilgrim also plans and organizes wildlife trips across various locations in the country. We team up with the best local homestays or resorts who offer excellent hospitality for the duration of your stay. We engage with the best guides in the region who come with great knowledge of the local wildlife and work to ensure and offer a great & unforgettable guest experience.

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The Shutterbug's Journey...

Karthik has been traveling the world and capturing the beauty and unique qualities of local destinations since 2005. He sees travel photography as an amazing adventure that’s stimulating and challenging.

He believes in photographing as much of the world as he possibly can, sharing the treasures of this incredible planet with all his family, friends,  and followers on social media. He uses every opportunity he gets, to travel and explore, and is a constant seeker of adventure.

He summarises his passion in one statement - "Capture The World As You See It"!!! 

Karthik is a Canon user, and uses a Canon 7D and 7D Mark II along with a Canon 100-400 mm as well as a Sigma 150-600 mm for wildlife.

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