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The Wanderlust

A story unfolds...

Having worked in the corporate space for over two decades, but being a wanderlust at heart, Karthik took to photography over 10 years back. It all started with his passion for wildlife safaris and tiger spotting. Having seen wonderful wildlife moments always captured in his memories, he decided to get  a DSLR camera to commence his journey. But then, easier said than done, learning the nuances of the art was another journey he had to embark on.

It was a hard-fought road for a while, and all his photography skills were largely self learnt with very regular stints of travel both locally in Hyderabad as well as to wildlife & nature reserves across India. Picking the odd tips from the internet, and fellow photographers on the way, he upgraded the skill to a level today, where he can impart lessons to beginners covering the basics as well as advanced techniques.

A junkie for road trips, he has now driven over 780, 000 km in the last 15 years, a lot of which are regular escapes on weekends and holidays. If it is a holiday, and there is a road, trust him to drive the entire way there. The escapes and travels in last 15 years has given him several wonderful stories to share as a part of a holistic experience.

Over the past year, he initiated the journey to teaching photography techniques to people interested in learning the nuances from across the world, as well as conducting workshops on post processing. He has engaged with key partners across India to organise wildlife and sightseeing trips for enthusiasts.

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