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Online Learning & Workshops

The Foto Pilgrim team also organizes photography training sessions for its audiences who would like to understand the finer nuances when it comes to the various genres of photography. Since we consider photography a highly creative art, we provide the spark needed to learn the basic tenets and fundamentals using the camera under varied conditions that you may find yourself in. We also ensure that we give an on-the-field experience for our workshop participants, so they can put to practice what they have learnt under the watchful eyes of the trainer. This helps give our guests a 360° experience for each genre they learn



We conduct workshops on all aspects of photography and post processing techniques to help aspiring photography enthusiasts learn the art and nuances. Local photography street walks are also organized covering street, heritage, star trails and landscape photography, and our enthusiastic team takes you along to learn “on-the-job”.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Introduction to photography basics

  • Advanced photography techniques

  • Introduction to post processing using Photoshop

  • Advanced lessons in Photoshop

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