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A Photographer's Travel Checklist

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

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With photography as a serious hobby and now as a vocation, the one thing I have learnt is that you need to have a thorough checklist as you plan a getaway or a trip, lest you forget something. Especially for wildlife photography, apart from just the equipment, you need to ensure all the accessories and your personal effects and other important things are packed in your baggage. You don't want to reach your location and realise you've forgotten something.

  1. Camera(s) - More than one body is always great when you are travelling.

  2. Lenses - Lenses to suit telephoto and landscape requirements.

  3. Batteries -Its always great to have spare batteries when you are on a day long trip.

  4. Chargers - Pls carry all your chargers for your mobile, camera battery and any other electronic accessories

  5. Hat/Cap - A must need for being out in the sun

  6. Removable arm sleeves - A must need when you are out in the harsh sun for long durations

  7. Binoculars - To get that closer look when the big zoom fails, or for general observing when outdoors

  8. Medical kit and prescribed medication - A must need on travel just in case you need to tend to cuts and wounds and for those needing prescription medicine daily

  9. Tripod and gimbal/ball-head - A much need accessory when you need to stop down for low light conditions

  10. Camera cleaning kit - Important to have one to clean your lens and camera body

  11. Bird book - Always good to have to look up any bird you've not seen and sighted before

  12. Appropriate footwear - Highly important keeping in view the terrain you will be trekking on

  13. Bathroom slippers/flip flops - A good to have in the kit

  14. Appropriate warm clothes - for those cold conditions, something that keeps you warm is very comforting

  15. Thermal wear - For extremely cold conditions, nothing to beat thermals

  16. Rain cover for camera - A much needed accessory in the camera bag; never know when you may need it

  17. Leech socks - Always good to have when trekking, since you wouldn't want these critters sneaking in

  18. Appropriate jungle clothing - Earthy or camouflage wear that helps you blend into the surroundings is important

  19. Card reader - When you've got to get the images downloaded to your hard drive, a must need accessory

  20. Memory cards - Its always good to have a few spare memory cards, especially when you may not have the time to download your pictures, or just in case one card goes bad on you

  21. Video camera/Go pro - For those willing to document their journey with videos, it always great to have one to tell the story

  22. Laptop - If you want to stay connected, download images and work on them, do carry one along.

  23. Portable hard drives - An important accessory to store the downloaded images

  24. Power bank for mobiles - Important if you want to be in touch with your near and dear and stay connected to the world

  25. Multi charging power plug - For charging all your gadgets in one go, its great to have one in the kit

  26. Small backpack to carry batteries, memory cards etc - If you don't want to lug your camera bag, good to have a small one to carry water, snacks, memory cards, batteries etc.

  27. Small Flashlight - In case its a little walk you take post sundown or after dinner, its always good to have a pocket flashlight to help you on the way

  28. Coin - having a coin to tighten the lens collar to the arca plate, since you can only tighten it so much using your fingers

  29. ID card - Original and digital copy for places and occasions that demand the need to show

  30. ND filters - If you like shooting waterfalls or creating dramatic landscape images

  31. Sunscreen lotion - Important when you are out in the sun for a long day's shoot

  32. Gaiter/Scarf - To protect your face from cold and also useful when you are shooting in Covid times.

  33. Balaclava - A much needed accessory for extremely cold conditions

  34. Sanitiser - Whether Covid times or not, a must need accessory in the bag to disinfect your hands when outdoors

  35. Face masks - Given the Covid times, always nice to have a few as spares in the absence of the balaclava or gaiter

  36. Knee braces - For the people with knee pains or arthritis, an accessory especially useful when trekking or hiking

If you think there is more to add which I am sure of, do suggest please! Happy to hear!

Do drop a comment and any feedback, and I will be happy to hear from you!

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